Many women think of physical beauty is more important than appearance. Self-confidence will naturally rise with a plump figure . Some women hope to through plastic surgery to improve themselves. But every operation has risk, breast implants, too. Then what is the breast implants specific risk ?

1, Hematoma. As a sequela of breast augmentation surgery. Processing method: remove breast implant prosthesis, clear blood clot, adequate hemostasis before breast augmentation implants put in.

2, Paresthesia. This breast augmentation complications was skin hypersensitivity,decrease or even disappear, sagging nipples, poor erection or cannot erect. Is familiar with neuro-anatomical movement and distribution of prevention methods,peeling gently.

3, Silican capsule implant rupture. This sequel of breast augmentation treatment method: remove the prosthesis under the aseptic, clear silicone, after cleaning to implant a new prosthesis.

4, Capsular Contracture, breast hardening. This sequel of breast augmentation treatment method: capsular wall should be incision in anesthesia, remove breast implants, coating removal and implantation of new expansion cavity.

5, abnormal position. This breast augmentation complications prevention methods: preoperative draws the lines need to be symmetrical, stripping to symmetry, limit strenuous activities of upper limb 2 weeks. This breast augmentation complications treatment: need to remove breast implants implants, split again and then implanted.

Breast augmentation surgery has quick effect, but the process is pain, and it has many risk. Once the operation is failed, suffering a lot and even to breast removed.

Is there a safe and effective breast enhancement method?

Yes,of course.

Bella cream breast enhancement cream is your best choice. All the ingredients of bella cream are extracted from natural substances,which is safe, effective and without any side effect.

bella cream

  • Aug 04, 2016
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