1, Four fingers close together, one hand on the bottom center of the collarbone, one hand on the bottom center of the chest, alternating up and down doing chest massage.

2, One hand on the top side of the breast and the other hand on the bottom of the ipsilateral breast, lift up the breast gently, and massage along the sides of the breasts  gently.

3, Put hands on below of the ipsilateral breast, Hold the  breast , and make a circle massage in a clockwise direction .

4, Put one hand on one side of the top breast, from the inside of the breast to the armpit do spiral massage. 

5,With one hand holding the breast, the other hand on the ipsilateral armpit, made ascension into the underarm massage.

6, The palms of the hands stacked together, at the same time boosting the side of the breast, do hold up from bottom to top - down cycle operation.

7,Four fingers close together, put one hand  in the central part of the clavicle, armpit on both sides to make sliding massage.

TIPS: Massage, together with Bella cream can make your chest have a quick effect. Safe and Effective !

  • Aug 10, 2016
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