Flores ramirez
I love this cream! It actually works! I'm so glad to find this product,the different can be seen within one month, almost enlarge one Cup.I will place my second order after use up this last piece.
Sarah Odeh
I applied this for the first time yesterday and my breasts feel warm and tingly.It's a good sign that it's doing something.I'm going to update my review in a couple of weeks and let you guys know if it's worth buying or not.service is great and delivery is also fast.expect more surprises.
Alison Sohail
I find it amazing i love the way my boobs look more full and it just looks amazing totally,continuing to use it until increase 3 Cups,want to wear my sexy dress in summer.lol..
Priscila Cipriano
Excellent products and great also in conjunction with your detox program.I have been using them about once or twice every month and they really do work.thanks very much.
Blanca figueroa
I purchased my order from this site.Overall it's a great product! I use it twice a day,in the morning an before bed I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and yes i have results it really does works!!!I can feel my breast Cup bigger than before.
leslie Francis
These foot patches are helpful, I can see the removed toxin on the pad the next morning.it's worthy of my money to buy. absoluately effective.Give you 5 stars.
Kristy Stewart
Super fast service. Would definitely buy from them again. It's a great product, increasing my bust from an A to almost a full C in six months, it also did wonders for my butt and hips, Thanks you Bella Cream!
Christine Johnston
I have been using this for 2 months.It does actually work,from A Cup to C Cup,it worked faster then I thought it would, I like this I will buy this again,by the way, I use it everyday, Love this products and your site.
Harwinder kaur
Pablo eulaliaProduct works good just give it time to work.I had been used for 6 months and stop using it now,but my breast is still keep the D Cup,thanks your site supply so great breast enlargement cream.have placed my another order, expect it will arrive my place soon. 
Alma Kishkin
Shipping was very fast,first time trying the bella cream,I have began to see the result,my breast is larger after using 5 weeks,Just wished it worked faster,give your site five stars to sell so wonderful products.
Ana Taylor
This Bella cream is what I want,I have ordered lots of different kinds of products to improve my Cups,only the breast cream help me achieve my dream,I am no longer afraid of showing my good figure.
Maria kamvichai
Truly I can feel a bit of a difference after using for 2 weeks,use this cream for my butt and bust.I am a satisfied the result it bring,i will following the instruction to use it continually.I'm going to do 15 minute breast massage every day twice a day with the cream this time.LOVE YOUR SITE.